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Preface Who are “saints,” who are “holy ones”?  For many people, the term “saint” refers to some special kind of being, most importantly, someone infinitely removed from us, someone whose makeup contemporary man does not even find entirely comprehensible.  In ordinary usage, we tend to call “saints” those who think of others rather than themselves, [...]

Akathist to our Venerable Mother Alipiya

         Kontakion 1 Chosen from out of the many in the host of Holy New Martyrs, thou hast appeared in latter days to comfort and edify people gone astray, O constant intercessor for the city ofKiev. As thou hast love so inexpressible, we dare to offer thee our humble praises, crying: Rejoice, [...]

At Great Vespers

At Great Vespers, Blessed is the Man: 1st Antiphon.  At Lord I have cried: sticherae 8, in the 5th tone. Podoben [pattern melody]: O Co-eternal Word… Rejoice now, O Kievan land,/ for thou hast received an unfading treasure./ In thee has blossomed a great ascetic,/ one quick to help in troubled times, most-marvelous Alipiya,/ given [...]