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Prayer to Venerable Mother Alipiya

Translated by Priest Leonid (Washington, USA) O our venerable mother, Alipiya!  In thy unwavering compassion and mercy, pour out upon us – the  poor, weak and disparaged – but a small drop of thy gifts from our Sovereign Lord. Take us under thy  help and intercession, free us from all evils and severe illness, entreat [...]

Prayer to Venerable Mother Alipiya (in other edition)

Translated by Priest Leonid (Washington, USA) О, great boast  of Christ’s Church, O protecting wall and consolation of the city of Kiev, o Venerable Mother Alipiya! We fall down before thee and pray thee: be our unflagging intercessor before Christ our God, for we believe that shouldst thou entreat man-loving God, all will be granted [...]

Akathist to our Venerable Mother Alipiya (English)

Translated by Priest Leonid (Washington, USA) Kontakion 1 Chosen from out of the many in the host of Holy New Martyrs, thou hast appeared in latter days to comfort and edify people gone astray, O constant intercessor for the city of Kiev.  As thou hast love so inexpressible, we dare to offer thee our humble [...]

Прикоснуться к святыне

Верите ли вы в трудно объяснимые учеными-материалистами чудеса? Или в провидение Господне, которое ведет к благу всех людей по жизни? Не ждите подсказки – ответы на эти вопросы каждый из нас должен найти сам, в собственной душе. Но в мире есть, и отрицать это сложно, множество мест, где благодать Божья или энергетика Земли – называйте, [...]