At Great Vespers

At Great Vespers, Blessed is the Man: 1st Antiphon.  At Lord I have cried: sticherae 8, in the 5th tone.

Podoben [pattern melody]: O Co-eternal Word…

Rejoice now, O Kievan land,/ for thou hast received an unfading treasure./ In thee has blossomed a great ascetic,/ one quick to help in troubled times, most-marvelous Alipiya,/ given the grace to fill the souls of those in sorrow with  tenderness and joy / to heal the sick / and to pray for our souls./

Thy most honorable feast has come, o thou who hast wisdom divine, bringing the light of hope and faith into our lives,/ with the sweet fragrance of eternal life,/ and so rejoice, be glad, o city of Kiev/ in glorious celebration,/ fittingly bowing down to keep bright memory of venerable Alipiya,/ who resteth peacefully in Heaven. /

O come faithful peoples assembled, /through repentance cleansed of a multitude of sins, / and let us praise most marvelous Alipiya,/ an emulator of piety and one living like unto the saints.  Let us lovingly kiss her honorable relics, and say: Rejoice o Blessed Alipiya, boast of our native land, pray that by faith those who revere thee might be saved../


Disdaining all desire for rest, with fasting didst thou enlighten thy soul, and with the beauties of ascetic labors didst thou adorn thyself. Thy glorious feast, shining with the light of the Spirit of God, illumines our souls, who in faith sing thy praises, O venerable Alipiya./


Other sticherae, in the 6th tone: Podoben: Putting aside all :


Thou didst put aside all earthly pleasures,/ and filled thyself with great courage,/ like a soaring bird thou didst roam the earth,/ abiding in piety and resolve,/ keeping thy bodily feelings in check. / Thy strict way of life was unto salvation for thee,/ who dost appeal to God in our behalf. / Do thou implore Him, o blessed Alipiya,/ that our souls be saved./ (Twice)


Placing all thy faith, O Venerable One, in the Lord,/ thou didst take up thy Cross and follow after Christ./ Considering as nothing all human glory,/ thou wast made worthy to receive heavenly glory,/ and now in life incorruptible dost rejoice together with the angels./  Wherefore do thou pray to Him before Whom thou now standest,/ thatHe grant to our souls great mercy./


Thy entire life is a song of love: / to the Lord, for thou didst serve Him, and for His sake didst follow the narrow path of monastic life;/ to His people, for thou didst dedicate thy life to serve thy neighbor and all those who suffer and grieve./  Pray without ceasing, to Christ, O venerable Alipiya, /that our souls be saved./


Glory, in the 5th tone : O worthy one, preacher of Christ,/ now thou dost appear in the sight of all the faithful,/ for thou didst embrace martyrdom, emulating the stylites,/ showing thyself to be an heir to the venerable ones,/ the fasters’ boast, monastics’ most excellent cultivator,/ most-wondrous prophet and most marvelous worker of miracles./  Do thou, Alipiya, who art become like  Blessed Ksenia and Matrona of Moscow,/ pray that our souls be saved./


Both now, the Theotokion.


Evening Entrance. Prokeimenon of the day. Three readings.


Reading from the Wisdom of Solomon


But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure is taken for misery, And their going from us to be utter destruction: but they are in peace. For though they be punished in the sight of men, yet is their hope full of immortality.  For God proved them, and found them worthy for himself. As gold in the furnace hath he tried them, and received them as a burnt offering. And in the time of their visitation they shall shine, and run to and fro like sparks among the stubble. They shall judge the nations, and have dominion over the people, and their Lord shall reign for ever. They that put their trust in him shall understand the truth: and such as be faithful in love shall abide with him: for grace and mercy is to his saints, and he hath care for his elect.


Reading from the Wisdom of Solomon


But though the righteous be prevented with death, yet shall he be in rest. For honourable age is not that which standeth in length of time, nor that is measured by number of years. But wisdom is the gray hair unto men, and an unspotted life is old age. He pleased God, and was beloved of him: so that living among sinners he was translated. Yea speedily was he taken away, lest that wickedness should alter his understanding, or deceit beguile his soul. For the bewitching of naughtiness doth obscure things that are honest; and the wandering of concupiscence doth undermine the simple mind. He, being made perfect in a short time, fulfilled a long time: For his soul pleased the Lord: therefore hasted he to take him away from among the wicked. This the people saw, and understood it not, neither laid they up this in their minds, That his grace and mercy is with his saints, and that he hath respect unto his chosen.


Reading from the Wisdom of Solomon


But the righteous live for evermore; their reward also is with the Lord, and the care of them is with the most High. Therefore shall they receive a glorious kingdom, and a beautiful crown from the Lord’s hand: for with his right hand shall he cover them, and with his arm shall he protect them. He shall take to him his jealousy for complete armour, and make the creature his weapon for the revenge of his enemies. He shall put on righteousness as a breastplate, and true judgment instead of an helmet.  He shall take holiness for an invincible shield. His severe wrath shall he sharpen for a sword, and the world shall fight with him against the unwise. then shall the right aiming thunderbolts go abroad; and from the clouds, as from a well drawn bow, shall they fly to the mark.  And hailstones full of wrath shall be cast as out of a stone bow, and the water of the sea shall rage against them, and the floods shall cruelly drown them. Yea, a mighty wind shall stand up against them, and like a storm shall blow them away: thus iniquity shall lay waste the whole earth, and ill dealing shall overthrow the thrones of the mighty.Hear therefore, O ye kings, and understand; learn, ye that be judges of the ends of the earth. Give ear, ye that rule the people, and glory in the multitude of nations. For power is given you of the Lord, and sovereignty from the Highest.


At the Litya, sticherae of the church

And sticherae for the Saint, in the 3rd tone, special melody:


How can we, O venerable Alipiya, fail to praise thee and to marvel at thy angelic life,/ thy chaste thought, humble quiet meekness, thy unstinting charity,/ how thou wast adorned with all the virtues,/ by which thou didst receive the inexpressible joys of theHeavenlyKingdom.


Chosen by God O venerable mother,/ instructed on finding refuge in life,/ thou didst live through cares of much sickness and deprivation,/ and now, O our great helper, venerable Alipiya,/ thou art singing with the angels, songs of praise to the Redeemer,/ and praying without cease for all of us ,/ that Christ grant us His grace and mercy.


Directing thy mind toward God,/ thou didst not take uncleanness into thy soul./  Living in the world, O venerable Alipiya, /thou didst inscribe on thy heart a clean slate,/ filling it with grace of the Holy Spirit, dispassion, and sincere love,/ by thy prayers thou dost cleanse the souls of those who run to thee/ from that which sullies the spirit.

Glory, in the 6th tone

Not having this vain world’s acquisitiveness,/ knowing thou wouldst be scorned,/ choosing to live by the Apostle as a fool for Christ,/ preferring happiness to come over that which is corruptible,/ O unconquerable passion-bearer of Christ, / who didst defeat the devil through humility,/ and like poor Lazarus of old, now living in Abraham’s bosom,/ do thou pray to God for all of us.

Both now…, the Theotokion.


At the apostikha, in the 5th tone. Podoben: The Co-eternal Word:

Amid the host of New Martyrs who are wedded to Christ,/ those eagerly sacrificed as pure offerings for Christ’s sake didst thou appear, O blessed Alipiya,/ a pure incorrupt sacrifice, a dedicated offering for Christ,/ putting to shame the devices of thy torturers,/ wherefore thou art worthy of being magnified and glorified O Venerable One,/ for thy suffering.



Wondrous is God in His saints, the God of Israel.


Thou didst appear, O blessed one, in prison with courageous soul,/ showing a martyr’s strong determination:/ not hail, not  straitened circumstances, not woman’s frailty,/ nor evil tricks of thy satanic torturers could shake thy firm resolve in suffering. / To thee the Lord did grant divine deliverance,/ for He hath bountiful great mercy.

Verse: Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints.


O venerable mother, thou didst love abuse and ridicule as if enormous praise;/ reproaching thy body with fasting, vigil and chains, thou showedst true humility,/ and with unceasing prayer, embraced us all with Christ’s love.  And so to Him, O venerable one,  in theHeavenlyKingdom  do thou pray.

Glory, in the 5th tone

Nоw hath shone forth a holy festival forKiev,/ in which abide thy holy relics, O all-blessed mother, Venerable Alipiya. / For those who stream in faith unto thy precious reliquary,/ thou bringest deliverance from woes and easing of sicknesses./  The Venerable One prays that the lost be set upon right paths to the Lord,/ that by her prayers we might attain the Heavenly Kingdom and great mercy.

Both now, the Theotokion.
Troparion, Tone 4

Тhou dost add to the number of the choir of Kievan Saints/ O venerable mother Alipiya. / In thee the Lord showeth a sign of His mercy,/ magnifying thee, the humble one,/ healing the sick and giving comfort to the grieving,/ as thou art quick to hear the voices of those in need of thy intercession,/ as thou art one of strong and most-kind prayer,/ who savest people from misfortune and evil circumstance./

At Matins

At: God is the Lord,  the troparion of the saint, twice. Glory, both now: the Theotokion.

After the 1st reading, we chant the Sedalen, Tone 6: Special melody: Putting aside all…

Burdened by the storm of sin,/ assailed and almost capsizing,/ we look up to God’s mercy and cry aloud:/ Lord! Accept Thy Venerable Ones’ prayers as earthly flowers, as spiritual sweet aroma./  With them, before Thy Throne, Venerable Alipiya appealeth:/ grant to Thy people, Lord, grace and great mercy.

Glory…both now…, the Theotokion

Afflicted by all the enmity of the foe/ as by wounds drawn to us as severe punishment by the multitude of our transgressions,/ we humbly cry out to thee:/ O pure one, with thy maternal prayer,/ do thou save us, who are deserving of all condemnation.

After the 2nd chanting of the Sedalen, in the 8th tone . Podoben: The secret command…

Bearing divine grace of the Holy Spirit, O mother Alipiya, thou wast gloriously taught by Christ God, / for thou dost pour forth like grace-willed waters, thy miracles, from which we drink and hymn thy memory

Glory…both now…, the Theotokion

O all-pure mother,/ Virgin Theotokos, shine down upon us the pure light of repentance, and dispel the darkness of our countless transgressions, drive away our enemies’ evil machinations/ and extend thy hand to us, who do glorify thee.


After ‘Praise ye the Name of the Lord,’ the Magnification:

we glorify thee, O venerable mother Alipiya, and we honor thy holy memory, for thou dost pray for us to Christ our God.


Psalm:  I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry.


After the polyeleion, the sessional hymn, in the 6th tone.  Podoben: On the third day.

O venerable and God-bearing mother,/ thou didst take into thy heart the image of Christ the Savior,/ meek and humble of heart; thou didst come to hate self-pride and glory,/ and storing in the depths of thy heart God-pleasing works as incorruptible treasure,/ didst show marvelous patience, courageously saying:/ while life on earth may be bereft of glory, yet Paradise is sweet;/ the labor is difficult, but to take it on is blessed./  Wherefore, do thou implore Christ God that our souls be saved.

Glory…both now…, the Theotokion

We run to thy intercession o Theotokos, /and we fall down to ask forgiveness;/ accept from sullied lips our daring pleas,/ and this, the wretched chant that we raise up to thee in praise

Hymn of degrees, in the 4th tone, 1st antiphon

Prokeimenon, in the 4th tone : Wondrous is God in His Saints, the God of Israel.

Verse: In congregations bless ye God, the Lord from the well-springs ofIsrael.

Let every breath: Gospel: Matthew, pericope 104.


After Psalm 50, stichera in the 6th tone:

O venerable mother,/ who can express in words the greatness of thy soul,/ the love with which thou came to love us, /o faithful marvelous servant of the Lord, /thy precious life of sincere humility, illumining the world with wonders./  As one with daring before Christ our God,/ ask that He grant peace unto our souls.


Canon to the Theotokos with 6 troparia, and two canons to the saint, with 8 troparia.

Canon, in the 4th tone.  Ode 1

Through theRed Sea’s deep theIsraelof old marched dry shod, and by Moses’ hands, outstretched in the form of a cross, routed the power of Amalek in the wilderness./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

The breath of grace still lives throughout the Kievan land,/ having no scarcity of Venerable Ones./ This blessed land is the Theotokos’ province, faithfully protected by the Sovereign Lady,/ who sendeth forth her worthy one Alipiya to work her miracles and turn hearts of atheists to faith,/ lest people who had lost their way die unrepentant.

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

The Lord turns His eyes to His righteous ones, and inclines His ears incline to their prayers. / This cometh not by some compulsion but by God-pleasing love for Him./ To thee, O Venerable mother Alipiya, hath he vouchsafed great mercy./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Like unto Holy Hierarch Nicholas in Myra, who gave the world an inexhaustible sea of miracles, / so hath the fame of thy wonders spread to many lands,/ and Orthodox and non-believers, righteous ones and sinners,/  hearts far and near have come to love thee./ recognizing how kind and close thou art to human hearts,/ how thou dost visit the sick and speak with the suffering,/ shining peace upon their souls and giving them unexpected aid./

O most-holy Theotokos, save us.

What shall we render unto thee, O Lady, for thine abundant mercy?/ Thou didst not abhor us for our many sins, but mercifully didst visit us./  Truly thou O Pure One art our Intercessor before God/ and Heaven and earth do rejoice in thy name./

Another  canon,  6th tone. Ode 1.

Traversing the deep on foot, as though it were dry land,/ and seeing the tyrant Pharaoh drowned,Israelcried aloud:/ Let us chant unto God a hymn of victory!/

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

O great King, enlighten my mind and cleanse my soul, mercifully dispel the darkness of transgressions,/  that I might worthily hymn the glory of Thy new Worthy One, Blessed Alipiya./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Fom thy youth didst thou love Christ, Who humbled Himself for our sake, and joyfully didst emulate Him, with all thy heart leaping to heed His call: Follow Me./

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Blossoming with radiant gifts of the Holy Spirit,/ thou didst appear a most bright light ray of the Kievan land,/ O divinely-wise mother Alipiya,/ wherefore now standing at the Throne of Glory,/ do thou pray for the legacy of thy land./

Both now and ever, and unto Ages of Ages. Amen.

O merciful Sovereign Lady, teacher to all ascetic laborers,/ teach us to  work and act in ways pleasing to thee,/ that we might hymn thy merciful assistance./

                                 Canon, in the 4th tone.  Ode  3 .

Thy Church, O Christ, rejoices in Thee and cries: Thou, Lord, art my strength, my refuge and my firmament./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

The Lord both knows and wants to glorify His Saints,/ and grants mercy according to their prayers,/ for He doth love the poor, humble in heart, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,/ those with pure hearts and merciful, the peacemakers /and those who suffer for the truth, enduring abuse and slander,/ wherefore now having performed all this for Him with love,/ thou dost rejoice and art glad,/ for great is thy reward in Heaven./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

The people’s surging toward thee cannot be restrained, their love for thee is immeasurable, for in sorrow and joy, misfortune and evil circumstance, they fall down before thee and ask for thy help before the Lord./ They know that it not flesh and blood that has revealed thee, but our Heavenly Father, showing thee through miracles, that He doth crown thee a true servant of Christ God, a possessor of great gifts, and abundant mercy./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Christ our Savior saith that him that loveth me will I love,and him tht glorifieth me will I glorify;/ God is glorified in His Saints, and Saints are glorified by God.  Do thou, O mother Alipiya, abundantly glorified by the Lord and living in theHeavenlyKingdom, remember us sinners and pray for our souls./

O most-holy Theotokos, save us.

Rejoice, the only one to never have committed sin, O mother of Christ our God, who hast devoted thyself to comforting the Apostles and the Christian people./


Another Canon, in the 6th tone.  Ode 3

There is none as holy as Thee, O Lord my God, Who hast uplifted the horn of Thy faithful and established us on the rock of the confession of Thee, O Good One./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Fom infancy following after Christ, thou didst leave family and homeland, carefully seeking out and finding many dwellings, and delving for  wisdom as for a pearl, remained a wanderer, experiencing cruel and blessed life./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Thou didst devote thyself entirely to God, spending a hidden life for the Lord, a life filled with difficulties and sorrows, offering to Him thy sorrows as a pure sacrifice./

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Fleeing from human fame and glory,/ denouncing with feigned madness the madness of the world,/ guided by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and holding thyself to be nothing,/ thou didst manifest Christ’s victory./

Both now and ever, and unto Ages of Ages. Amen.

О all-praised Mother!/ thou still protectest Kiev with thy favor, wherefore we all sing out to thee:/ rejoice, thou who in thy Dormition dost not abandon us./


Sessional hymn, in the 2nd tone

Like unto gold cleansed by the fire of suffering,/ thou didst take on  strength and power from the Holy Spirit, to serve God with perfect love,/ using ascetic struggle as a spear to pierce through godlessness,/ and coming as a Fool for Christ,/ do thou, O Venerable Alipiya, pray that our souls be saved.


Glory…both now… the Theotokion

Thou art the boast of all the holy righteous ones, O pure one, wherefore we pray unto thee: pray with them to the Lord that our souls be saved./


Canon, in the 4th tone.  Ode 4

Seeing Thee, the Sun of righteousness, raised upon the Cross, the Church stands in order and fittingly cries out: Glory to Thy power, O Lord!

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Like a sheep among wolves didst thou, O mother Alipiya, show forth thy loftiness of spirit: enduring cold, nakedness, attacks, – thou didst not fear either their mocking or their hateful tricks,/ but with other Neomartyrs didst  prepare thy soul for departure at the hour of death, to Christ God, our Model for ascetic struggle./ Yet being one chosen to engage in new struggles, thou wast marvelously saved./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Marvelous and wondrous works hath the Lord wrought: As in Christian days of old those who confessed Christ and prepared and cleansed the soul through martyrdom, were joined to the ranks of Martyrs, so thou, O mother Alipiya, communicant of that grace, wast made worthy to be a confessor of the Orthodox Faith./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

What human tongue can tell the trepidation of thy soul, when thou, prepared for death as a pure sacrifice, wast given help by Holy Apostle Peter, who led thee out of prison and into an unpopulated, savage place.  Long was thy journey along shores and cliffs, with wounded body, but with spirit  strengthened by the Lord./

O most-holy Theotokos, save us.

Our minds are small, our hearts poor and weak, in fear and trepidation are our souls, but moved by love, we offer thanks to thee, O Sovereign Lady, for thy mercy, O Virgin Mother./


Another Canon, in the 6th tone.  Ode4.

Christ is my power, my God and my Lord, the honored Church doth sing, crying out in godly manner with a pure mind, keeping festival in the Lord.

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Enduring with angelic meekness streams of abuse and torture from the devil,/ thou didst desire to suffer imprisonment for Christ,/ and drawing sustenance from suffering as if from manna,/ thou didst await the hour of death./

O venerable mother Alipiya, pray to God for us.

Like a divine warrior didst thou attain victory for the King over all,/ victory attained by those who patiently endure, breaking the bonds that hold the body.

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