Prayer to Venerable Mother Alipiya (in other edition)

Translated by Priest Leonid (Washington, USA)

О, great boast  of Christ’s Church, O protecting wall and consolation of the city of Kiev, o Venerable Mother Alipiya! We fall down before thee and pray thee: be our unflagging intercessor before Christ our God, for we believe that shouldst thou entreat man-loving God, all will be granted thee out of the sea of His kind grace.  Disdain not our plea, O thou whom we sinful ones entreat, as God is a lover of mankind, while we, on account of many sins dare not stand before Him.
It is for thee, O Holy One, to plead on behalf of sinners, and for God to have mercy on those in despair.

Ask, O Venerable One, for each according to his need:  Quickly comfort and heal the ill, for thou dost work many healings, causing the mute to speak, the blind to see, those with fractured bones to rise from their bed of pain.  Thou canst  ask all this of the Lord, O Venerable One, if thou but pray to Him on our behalf.  Make excruciating tumors to be no more.
As thou didst heed a mother’s prayers,  and didst by night appear unto theyouth, showing the world a great miracle of healing, so do thou grant quick healing to those suffering from burns.  In these difficult days, when lawlessness and injustice reign, ask on behalf of the offended, those unjustly condemned, those imprisoned, those suffering persecution because of envy,  lies, and greed, intercede and rid them of slander and attack, for the Lord hath granted thee abundantly to intercede on their behalf.

Bless and unite good marriages.  Grant unto mothers in labor successful birth, and keep them and their children from all harm.  Hear the fervent prayers of parents exhausted by grief over their children, so that their children might come to their senses, see the truth, evade the snares of the evil one, and find salvation eternal.  Accept the prayers of children sorrowing over  parents, that by thy prayers, their parents might see the light of Christ’s Gospel.  Likewise, console the childless, and grant them fruit of the womb, that by thy blessing and maternal teaching, more true Christians might appear before the Lord. To those in need of thy help to perfect Christian marriage, send the Lord’s blessing as a companion to them throughout life, that through thy assistance to them, they might as families, as “little churches,” offer service to Christ God.  And most of all, grant peace, calm, and sincere love, that we might be true disciples of Christ.

As thou didst appear to the man dying of drunkenness, and through thy blessing didst heal him of his sickness, so also grant to those who have given themselves over to alcoholism and drug abuse, those bereft of spiritual strength to leave their soul-corrupting waywardness, both spiritual strength and  clarity of thought.  By thy prayers, invisibly send down from the Lord to those who are alone and helpless,  both
consolation and the recognition of Christ’s true love, that they might know that our friends – angels and saints – invisibly watch over us.
Accept the pleas of those suffering and in need, and by thy prayers grant them unexpected help, that they might have thee as their benefactor in their earthly life.

As thou didst safeguard the sorrowing woman bent on leaping from a great height and doing herself and her child harm, and didst save them both from the abyss of destruction, so be a quick comforter to all the faint of heart, to those despairing over life. We likewise pray thee, O Venerable One, that as thou didst preserve unharmed the youth struck down severely on the road, so keep us from a sudden death.  Pour out thy  help maternal upon students; grant them an increase in intellect, that they not be sorrowed in the difficult course of their education.  Grant quick and proper resolution to troubles and difficulties in the many and various circumstances of daily life. Hear the prayers of those who sorrow and have gone astray, of those outside the saving ark of the Orthodox Church, that All-merciful God, Who knoweth their fate, might save them and bring them to knowledge of His truth. Send down to soldiers strength of body and
spirit to performGod-pleasing service, that the Lord might keep them from all evil.

As thou, in love for the Lord and for His people, didst pursue ascetic struggle unto salvation,  so do thou teach monastics to properly follow the Lord’s path, and strengthen them in their ascetic labors and in the carrying of their Cross. Grant unto bishops and priests true firmness in the Orthodox Faith, that they might faithfully, sincerely, shepherd Christ’s flock, rightly dividing [the Word of His truth], and walking
irreproachably before the Lord. Grant unto our leaders and authorities wise governance of our people, that in concert with the Church, our land might be at  peace and calm.

By thy prayers, open unto us the doors of God’s mercy and deliver us from all evil.  Grant us not be ensnared by the nets of the evil one.  O Venerable One, entreat our Merciful Lord for us, who are repentant, that according to the multitude of His mercies, He might forgive us our faults.

And by thy prayers, do thou continue to preserve us uncondemned, to the end,  that saved through thy help and intercession, we might always send up glory, praise, thanks, and worship to God, One in Trinity, Creator of all. Amen.

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