Икона м. Алипии

Спасибо Вам, что Вы приходите на эту страничку, посвященную матушке Алипии (Авдеевой).

Наш сайт был первым, посвященным старице. За эти годы тысячи людей посетили сайт и оставили свои записки-просьбы к Матушке. Вы можете разместить их в отделе Слово Вам в качестве комментария.

Монахиня Алипия Авдеева – киевская подвижница нашего времени. (1905-1988)

Прославилась особой любовью к людям, трудами, прозорливостью и  чудотворениями.

После кончины Господь прославил ее многочисленными случаями исцелений и помощи людям.

Особо любима народом за скорый отклик на молитвы и просьбы.


Икона м. Алипии


Качественное фото иконы ищите по ссылке.


Dear visitors!

This site is dedicated to the life and personality of the Holy Righteous nun Matushka Alipiya (Avdeyeva) who is one of Kiev’s Orthodox Saints  – (1905-1988). (Ukraine,Kiev)

We thank you for coming to this page.

The name of Matushka Alipiya is well known in many countries of the world. She’s a great Orthodox saint who received the God’s blessing to help people.

Her prayers made seriously ill people recover, made grief and misery back down, they brought peace and well-being to families.

Matushka Alipiya has departed to the Lord, but we can still feel that she doesn’t leave us without her blessing.

People keep asking her to pray for them to God. They travel to the sarcophagus with her relics from many places all over the  world, say their prayers and ask her for help, and she hears their plea.

Hundreds of people have received and receive every day her quick help and relief from their troubles. (Their true stories of recovering from serious illnesses or cases of miraculous escape from danger are published in the book about Matushka Alipiya.) Each month thousands of pilgrims travel toKievto touch the sarcophagus with her relics.

On the site you can read the life of Matushka Alipiya in English with a preface written by Archpriest  Victor Potapov, a prior of the Russian Orthodox Church in Washington, DC. (press “In English” to read)

If you want to pray to Matushka Alipiya, you can read the Akathist, translated

into English by protodeacon Leonid Mikle (Washington) (press “Молитвы” to read)

We are often contacted by people who live far away fromKievand have a large desire to visit Matushka Alipiya  but have no opportunity or health ability to do this.

The site has been created for all people to keep in touch and read about Matushka Alipiya. The visitors of the site developed a tradition to write letters to Matushka Alipiya in which they describe their problems and feelings and ask Matushka Alipiya for help. There are also many comments full of warm gratitude for help and relief brought to people’s lives.

The same tradition to write short letters expressing trouble and hope is kept by people who come to Matushka Alipiya’s tomb. They leave their written messages for her to pray to God for them on the tomb and Matushka Alipiya hears them and helps. Those who suffer from diseases receive good health, those who pray for children have them through her prayers, troubles at work retreat, relief and peace come to their lives.

You can leave your comment here (section ”Слово Вам – then “Оставить комментарий).

Your letter will be brought and placed upon Matushka Alipiya’s sarcophagus.

If you have additional questions, please leave your comment here ( section Взаимопомощь), and we will try to answer them.


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